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Isaiah on The Ladies

They love talk ya, then they kiss you real hard and you spill the beans. – Isaiah

isaiah on love and kissing




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Isaiah on Marriage 2

“Poppy, how lucky did you feel when you knew you were going to marry mommy? I mean you were just a lazy old truck driver.”


Sleeping lorry driver


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What Do You Get When You Mix Dynamite and Nitroglycerin?

I am a scientist. I am Dr. Isaiah Lavell Kehl.

I do not take things seriously.

Scientists don’t say what if I add nitroglycerin and dynamite together, do they?


That would be thinking of something seriously, and that would be nuts.

dynamite and nitro.jpg

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Isaiah on Space Travel

When they discover Aliens – I want to be the first one to claim the idea. Because I knew for sure there would be Alien life forms first.

isaiah UFO


Isaiah Wants to Know

“Who are the media anyway?

The media are people in black suits who walk around saying garbage.”isaiah in suit for