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You know how I am
I gotta a thing
About a thing
Because I don’t like the thing
So I can’t do it
Because of the thing that I have

It’s very complicated for a grown up to understand.


Isaiah Sends His Condolences

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isaiah condolence card.jpg

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What Do You Get When You Mix Dynamite and Nitroglycerin?

I am a scientist. I am Dr. Isaiah Lavell Kehl.

I do not take things seriously.

Scientists don’t say what if I add nitroglycerin and dynamite together, do they?


That would be thinking of something seriously, and that would be nuts.

dynamite and nitro.jpg

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Isaiah on Marriage

Isaiah: I’m gonna meet a girl, fall in love, get married and move some where warm. Like California or New Jersey.

Me: New Jersey’s not warm.

Isaiah: Yeah, but I like the way it sounds. New Jersey, New Jersey, New Jersey, New Jersey. New Jersey where the palm trees sway in New Jersey.

welcome to new jersey