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Isaiah on Marriage 2

“Poppy, how lucky did you feel when you knew you were going to marry mommy? I mean you were just a lazy old truck driver.”


Sleeping lorry driver




What Isaiah Thinks About Music

If people were on the TV hitting those tangerines with tiki’s – running around a big fire. That would be fine.

Just listening to music? I don’t like that. Music is better when it’s on tv.


got some tangerine.jpg

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You know how I am
I gotta a thing
About a thing
Because I don’t like the thing
So I can’t do it
Because of the thing that I have

It’s very complicated for a grown up to understand.

Isaiah Sends His Condolences

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isaiah condolence card.jpg

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What Do You Get When You Mix Dynamite and Nitroglycerin?

I am a scientist. I am Dr. Isaiah Lavell Kehl.

I do not take things seriously.

Scientists don’t say what if I add nitroglycerin and dynamite together, do they?


That would be thinking of something seriously, and that would be nuts.

dynamite and nitro.jpg

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Isaiah on Marriage

Isaiah: I’m gonna meet a girl, fall in love, get married and move some where warm. Like California or New Jersey.

Me: New Jersey’s not warm.

Isaiah: Yeah, but I like the way it sounds. New Jersey, New Jersey, New Jersey, New Jersey. New Jersey where the palm trees sway in New Jersey.

welcome to new jersey

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Isaiah on Fire Control

Do you really think you should fight fire with fire?

Don’t you think you should fight fire with water?


fire with fire.jpg

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Who is Isaiah?

This is a blog about Isaiah.isaiah dynamite for idc

Isaiah is an 8-year-old home-schooled pyromaniac.

Wait. Let me try again.

Isaiah is a showman, a comedian, a witticist. He is the director, producer, writer and musician. Often his own videographer as well.

He loves fire, dynamite, combustion of any kind. And if he is quiet there is a very good chance he tied himself up with yarn and is trying to escape.

When Isaiah meets new friends, and they, as they always do, become attached to his magnetic personality – he quells their disappointment in his departure by telling them as he leaves “If you’d like to know more, go to Isaiah Dot Com.” And so, after a year, we have decided to create such a place.

I am his mother and am a blogger myself, but I realized there would be nothing for me to write about if not for him.

IMG_0163His little quips and quotes are numerous and daily, and so, we will share them here.

There is nothing here, except my photography, that is not straight from Isaiah’s mind (and even then it may be carefully orchestrated by the Maestro).

Isaiah is also unique in the fact that he has a tic disorder, sensory processing disorder, 11 life-threatening food allergies, severe allergies to heat and cold and multiple severe environmental allergies with eczema and asthma mixed in. Non of these issues stop him. If anything they make him the unique individual that he is. We do not feel sorry for him, we see it as a blessing. I only share that part of him so that you can understand if there is a child in your life with any of these issues, there is a blessing there too.

Please share that you have visited, Isaiah would be very impressed to know someone was as interested in what he has to say as he is.

isaiah in suit for

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Isaiah on Burglary

Isaiah: If a robber took me away from the house, do you think he’d let me rob with him?

Extremely concerned mom: No!

Isaiah: Why not? What if I really begged him?

Horrified mom: No!

Isaiah: Well mom, let’s just wait and see, OK?

Isaiah On Burglary