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wolf quotes

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Isaiah on Wolves

wolf quotes

That wolf who cries out for you has a sparkle in his eye.

children quote monsters

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Isaiah on Monsters

children quote monsters

Don’t trust those little monsters with their dirty nails and their yellow teeth.

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Isaiah on Heaven

Heaven is like Deerfield, only better.

It’ll be just like this but there will be no anger or sadness and we’ll have a better president because it will be God. Because God will be the best president.

And heaven will be amazing and kids can play in the street and there will be candy carts and ice cream trucks.

And there will be no bad people because all the bad people go to a bad place were there is pain and suffering and brimstone and fire and it’s a horrible place.

kids talk about heaven


Isaiah on The Ladies

They love talk ya, then they kiss you real hard and you spill the beans. – Isaiah

isaiah on love and kissing



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Isaiah on Restaurant Etiquette

This is not a Library. This is a playground with a unicorn.

playground unicorn.jpg


What Isaiah Thinks About Music

If people were on the TV hitting those tangerines with tiki’s – running around a big fire. That would be fine.

Just listening to music? I don’t like that. Music is better when it’s on tv.


got some tangerine.jpg

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You know how I am
I gotta a thing
About a thing
Because I don’t like the thing
So I can’t do it
Because of the thing that I have

It’s very complicated for a grown up to understand.

Isaiah Sends His Condolences

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