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Isaiah on Entomology (Bugs)

Isaiah: Mom, when is it going to be Saliva season?

Me: What?

Isaiah: Saliva season, you know, when those crawly little wormy bugs come out.

Me: What?

Isaiah: You know, they’re crawly, and wormy and kind of gross?

Me: Do you mean Cicada season?

Isaiah: No, no! The gross wormy bugs in our garbage can. They wiggle and are gross and white.

Me: Dude! You mean maggots? You want to know when it’s Maggot Season?

maggot farm.jpg



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Isaiah on Marriage 2

“Poppy, how lucky did you feel when you knew you were going to marry mommy? I mean you were just a lazy old truck driver.”


Sleeping lorry driver


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Isaiah on Dynamite

Come on, it’s a Free Country! A kid can’t even own dynamite???

isaiah dynamite for idc


Isaiah Wants to Know

“Who are the media anyway?

The media are people in black suits who walk around saying garbage.”isaiah in suit for