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Isaiah on Heaven

Heaven is like Deerfield, only better.

It’ll be just like this but there will be no anger or sadness and we’ll have a better president because it will be God. Because God will be the best president.

And heaven will be amazing and kids can play in the street and there will be candy carts and ice cream trucks.

And there will be no bad people because all the bad people go to a bad place were there is pain and suffering and brimstone and fire and it’s a horrible place.

kids talk about heaven


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Isaiah on Dynamite

Come on, it’s a Free Country! A kid can’t even own dynamite???

isaiah dynamite for idc

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Isaiah on the Second Amendment

Someday when I’m good enough, I’ll be able to protect the family.

You have to protect your family. Because when you, Poppy, are all bent over and gray and old and crunchy and saying you have to get over to the gun safe but you can’t because it’s taking so long. I will be able to defend you with my bow and arrow.

isaiah archery