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Isaiah on His Writing Process a Vlog


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

That’s me, Isaiah’s mom. I’m usually backstage pulling all the ropes so the sandbags stay off of our reader’s heads.

Today I get to peek out from behind the curtain to share something really fun with you guys.

Earlier this week, one of my favorite bloggers, Kerri, from Undiagnosed But Okay tagged Isaiah in a “What’s your process?” blog tag game thingy.

Kerri is one of the grown-ups out there that really gets Isaiah, she can even quote some of his posts word for word.  Part of why she gets him is because she has two wackadoodles of her own. One of her girls is a very special little one named Boo, funnily enough I call Isaiah Boo too. So I guess it’s Kismet! She writes all about her adventures with Boo, her family and what life without a diagnosis is like at Undiagnosed But Okay.

Part of why I like Kerri is because she makes me laugh. Even more so because during my Twisted Mixtape series she never could get the topic right, I look forward to many more moons of wrong topic mixtapes from her.


The reason for my rambling:

In this game of blog tag the questions to be answered are these:

1. What am I working on? When I asked Isaiah that question, his answer was “nothing.” That’s pretty much true in the literal sense of the word, in this context. But he did mention that the last thing he was working on was his Model Car. That was definitely a thing and he definitely was working on it.

It turns out the next 3 questions were easier to answer in the form of a vlog.

2. How does my work differ from others of the same genre?, 3. Why do I write what I do?, and 4. How does my writing process work?

Isaiah’s Process – The Vlog


Even I didn’t realize what Isaiah’s “process” was until I asked him. Then the lightbulb went off. This vlog is a perfect example of how he creates. Isaiah doesn’t sit and draw a picture and then say tada! His artwork is the process, as he draws he tells the story, and I do my best to capture it.

So thank you to Kerri for opening my eyes, we will definitely be vlogging more!



9 thoughts on “Isaiah on His Writing Process a Vlog

  1. And that LADIES AND GENTLEMEN is why I adore Isaiah. His plan to destroy the works (but not like despicible me 1or 2) describes his process and why he must write perfectly. That he also added Algebra shows his genius. Oh and he has a thumb ring just like me his stalker

    Thank you Jen for capturing Isaiah being perfectly him. After seeing your kitchen I now know why I call you friend.

    Simply awesome!!!!

    • Kerri I knew from the start we were living parrallel lives, I mean we even go to almost the same concerts on the same nights! It really was perfect, I can’t thank you enough! We never would have done this without you. And just so you know, I had to edit out 10 minutes!

  2. Holy crap, Jen. He’s a freaking genius. Seriously. I’m in freaking awe and also hope that he uses his awesome inventions to destroy the creatures in the trash can before destroying the world and holding the moon in his hands. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS KID!!! And you, of course. TTTx10xa bazillion.

  3. Isaiah, you are an evil genius! But one question. If you destroy the world, where will YOU live? Or are you an alien like me, and you can just go back to your home planet?

    • Angel, he never can seem to think past that point. I’m pretty sure he’ll be in his space ship roaming the galaxy for a new place to dominate!

  4. Oh my, he’s a little Stewie Griffin! Lol.

  5. Isaiah, it is a privilege to watch you create a story as you draw – I was mesmerized! If you decide not to destroy the world, you will definitely rule it.

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