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Isaiah on Entomology (Bugs)


Isaiah: Mom, when is it going to be Saliva season?

Me: What?

Isaiah: Saliva season, you know, when those crawly little wormy bugs come out.

Me: What?

Isaiah: You know, they’re crawly, and wormy and kind of gross?

Me: Do you mean Cicada season?

Isaiah: No, no! The gross wormy bugs in our garbage can. They wiggle and are gross and white.

Me: Dude! You mean maggots? You want to know when it’s Maggot Season?

maggot farm.jpg



4 thoughts on “Isaiah on Entomology (Bugs)

  1. HAHAHAHAHA I am dying here. Tell Isaiah that we forgot to go to the dump so we had maggot season last week. I hope the buggers don’t come back for a while.

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