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What Isaiah Thinks About Music


If people were on the TV hitting those tangerines with tiki’s – running around a big fire. That would be fine.

Just listening to music? I don’t like that. Music is better when it’s on tv.


got some tangerine.jpg


5 thoughts on “What Isaiah Thinks About Music

  1. Yes. Music IS better when it’s on tv. When do I get your autograph, Isaiah? 😉

  2. Dear Isaiah,
    I love your blog! You are so smart and funny and creative! Whenever I read your blog, I get a big smile on my face, even when I’m having a bad day. Keep on being you!

  3. Isaiah is brilliant. Isaiah’s mom is doing the right thing by writing down everything he says, because one of these days he’ll come up with an idea for a hit TV show (if he hasn’t already) or a children’s or an espionage book and she’s not going to want to miss this 😀 ❤ <3<3

  4. Dear Isaiah,
    My son loves the music on the tv. He likes dancing with the dancers 🙂

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